fuel distributors insurance
fuel distributors insurance

Specialist insurance for specialist markets

We work closely with the leading industry associations and their members to ensure that our products are relevant, sector specific and highly competitive and our staff have deep industry knowledge.

We provide insurance solutions to the following industry sectors

Transport & Distribution Blending, Manufacturing & Processing Installation & Service

Fuel Distribution & Haulage


Environmental Consultants & Contractors

Tanker & Hazardous Goods


Oil & Chemical Reycling



LPG Distribution & Haulage


Bio Fuels


Tank & Boiler Installation

Waste - Oils, Chemical Recycling & Jetting



Tank & Equipment Manufacture

Filling Stations

Water Treament

Internal Tank Cleaning

Vehicle Recovery


Tank Wash Facility

Tanker & Hazardous Goods


Boiler Warranty


Tank Wash Facility

OAMPS is more than just an insurance broker we aim to help clients minimise risk through proactive Risk Management, however should you be unfortunate to be involved in an incident we have specialist services to make the process as convenient as possible for you.

OAMPS Hazardous Industries offers a full suite of specialist insurance and risk management products. Please visit our services page for further details.






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